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PCB copy board industry in full swing in 2016

PCB copy board industry in full swing in 2016

In 2016, the PCB copy board industry set sail, talking about the PCB copy board market, we have to mention Shenzhen RayMing reverse development technology center, can be said to be the leader of the PCB copy board industry, has been leading the industry out of the deep “copying” quagmire, and promote the industry chain technology layout more and more reasonable.

  Through PCB copy board, chip decryption, PCB design, SMT processing, prototype production and other forward and reverse research and OEM industry chain integration, Shenzhen RayMing can provide “industry-academia-research-use integration” solutions in the development of large-scale projects. Talking about the past and 2022, perhaps PCB copying is only the process of transcribing PCB files, making BOM lists and back-propagating schematics, and then completing prototype welding, debugging and production according to the motherboard or prototype provided by customers. However, now PCB copy board is more of a process of learning, digesting, absorbing and reinventing. This innovative way of R&D at a high starting point can not only avoid industry risks and reduce the R&D cycle, but also greatly improve the cost performance, which is beneficial to the cost, financial pressure and international competitiveness of our PCB enterprises at this stage.

  In the new year, Shenzhen RayMing technology reverse development technology center fully integrated, organized and launched a more reasonable technical cooperation program, a more complete technical system, pay close attention to quality, focus on efficiency. Welcome customers call to discuss.

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