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Laser therapeutic instrument PCB copy board and prototype production case

Laser therapeutic instrument PCB copy board and prototype production case

Laser therapy instrument PCB copy board and prototype production case. Laser therapy instrument is the use of CO2 laser generated by the high power density of the laser beam, through the biological tissues produced by the thermal effect, electromagnetic wave effect and photochemical effect to achieve the purpose of surgery and physical therapy, when the machine is applied to surgery, can be in the light guide tube outlet to get the power density of the aggregation of the laser beam, which acts on the surgical site in a high humidity, can be quickly cut, burned, carbonized, vaporized local lesions of the tissue The surgery is characterized by closed microvessels to reduce bleeding, not easy to be infected, and increase the recovery smoothness and smoothness.

  At the request of customers, RayMing Technology has successfully carried out PCB copy board for a laser therapy instrument, which has the following characteristics:

  1, the instrument has continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse and super pulse function, the power output can be continuously adjustable from 0.5W to 25W, small power output treatment, superficial facial disease damage is small, more suitable for cosmetic surgery.

  2, the instrument has a red semiconductor laser for the same light path instructions. When treating, it can precisely remove the lesion and cause less damage to the surrounding tissues.

  3, the instrument by the microcomputer program control, the use of light touch membrane switch control function and power conversion, so that the laser power output is accurate, stable, safer operation, is intelligent medical equipment.

  4, laser beam transmission system, composed of lightweight spring balanced 7 joints light guide arm, flexible and convenient operation.

  5、The laser cutter head is designed with more types, which can be suitable for cutting, cauterizing and coagulating treatment in various clinical departments. The special cutter head is suitable for ENT, which can enter into the deep nasal cavity and pharynx, and can accurately remove or vaporize the lesions.

  6, laser output power and irradiation time on the panel by the digital display, intuitive and convenient, for medical personnel to summarize the clinical information to provide the correct data.

  7、When the laser is output, there is an indicator light on the control panel and a buzzer sounds warning. It improves the safety of operation.

  The instrument is suitable for surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology, dentistry, dermatology, etc. for cutting, vaporization, cauterization, coagulation treatment, especially for laser beauty. It can be used in wards, beauty salons and private clinics due to its freedom of movement and small footprint.

  This case is an example of RayMing Technology’s success in the field of medical equipment pcb copy board, reverse analysis, chip decryption, prototype imitation cloning, prototype production and prototype debugging. At present, RayMing Technology has been able to provide customers with a full range of services in the field of this series of products, we can not only provide this series of products clone imitation and secondary development, but also provide many PCB design, PCB copy board, chip decryption, prototype production, prototype debugging, SMT processing, and other vertical services, to achieve the maximization of customer benefits.

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