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PCB copy board technology is the key to achieve differentiation

PCB copy board technology is the key to achieve differentiation

PCB copy technology is the key to differentiation, first of all, the so-called pcb copy market – no matter how you slice it – is actually not very different from the embedded systems market; of course, those “embedded” copy devices are “virtual”, but just as microcontroller (MCU) suppliers have been worried about how to serve the decentralized embedded market for decades, pcb copy processor suppliers are also the same trouble. The copyboard market is so fragmented that it is difficult to identify processor winners. So-called pcb copy processors must be able to provide some level of built-in link functionality, even if it’s only wireless baseband.

  If we assume that the pcb copy market is taking off, can we also assume that the copy processors are keeping pace and that the electronics industry is therefore in the ascendancy? In that case…what are the copy processors? Is there a list of the top 10 pcb copy processors in the market? The integration of security features is a necessary condition; professional copy board company Shenzhen RayMing Technology said, “Wireless pcb copy board processor must have a software stack to provide a complete solution.” RayMing also pointed out that if the recent forum on copyboard technology held in China is any indication of trends, pcb copyboard combined with security features will be the key to differentiation for manufacturers such as RayMing, because copyboard means there are security holes and anyone could see anything.

  RayMing Technologies excluded many products from the standard embedded processor as well as MCU category that suppliers call pcb copyboard processors because these components have been serving non-networked applications for years: “Therefore, the integration of wireless connectivity is the key difference.” Those components lacking built-in wireless link function may be the processor and external RF components integrated in a multi-chip package products; but RayMing Technology said: “This approach will increase the cost, occupied area and may increase power consumption,” and external wireless circuit board may be from third-party suppliers, which also brings support problems.

  The above is not an unreasonable problem; after all, pcb copy board has become the eyes of circuit board suppliers in the past few years, many manufacturers to catch the pcb copy board boom to launch related products, while sparing no effort to promote its growth potential. In order to make up for the copy board processor topic, we tried to discharge the list of the top 10 copy board processors, but the more people discuss with, read more white papers and product press releases, the public is not sure whether industry analysts can be frankly understand who is the winner and who is the loser. The market has come to understand that there are several reasons why the market has not yet been able to judge the criteria that would make it difficult to come up with a list of the “top 10 pcb copy processors”.

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