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PCB copy board technology to promote the development of domestic robot into independent

PCB copy board technology to promote the development of domestic robot into independent

PCB copy board technology to promote the development of domestic robots into independent, RayMing technology reverse R & D center said, at present, China’s robotics industry development is still in the initial stage, must borrow reverse R & D technology for PCB copy board research, in imitation of the basis of learning, vigorously promote independent innovation, master the core technology, with independent intellectual property rights. Especially in the core technology of high-precision motors, we must break the monopoly of foreign countries in order to make the process of independent domestic robot industry complete successfully.

  Recently, RayMing Technology’s reverse R&D center has successfully entered the final debugging stage of PCB copyboard research on high-precision motors for industrial robots, and has a full set of technical data and improvement solutions for high-precision motors, which will provide great assistance to the independent process of domestic robots. In addition, RayMing Technology’s reverse R&D center has achieved good results in PCB copy research in radar, communication, medical, aerospace and other fields, please call RayMing Technology if you have business needs.

  Although China has been vigorously developing domestic robots for the past two decades, it still has not been able to successfully establish a robot industry with independent intellectual property rights, and in the face of the strong pressure brought by international high-end robots, the autonomy of domestic robots is slow. So, what are the reasons for this situation?

  In recent years, the domestic robot industry has developed rapidly, and the domestic industrial robot market has begun to show a stable growth trend. According to statistics, the sales volume of domestic industrial robots in the first half of 2015 was as high as 11,275 units, an increase of 76.8% year-on-year, and the total sales volume of domestic industrial robots is expected to exceed 22,000 units for the whole year, an increase of about 30% year-on-year. Domestic PCB copy board enterprises believe that, despite the rapid growth trend of domestic industrial machine production, but due to the lack of core technology, the domestic robotics industry still has a large gap compared to developed countries.

  Industry analysis said that the current gap between the domestic robotics industry and developed countries is mainly in the robot high-precision motors and other products. The core components are too dependent on imports, the core technology innovation capability is weak, the reliability of high-end product quality is low, the promotion and application of independent brand robots is difficult, the enterprise is small, scattered and weak, the enterprise competitiveness is lacking, the robot standards, testing standards and other systems need to be established and improved.

  Recently, the person in charge of the reverse R&D center of RayMing Technology, a professional PCB copy board company in China, was interviewed about the reasons for the slow process of independentization of domestic robots, and the technical staff of the reverse R&D center of RayMing Technology said that the main reason for the slow development of the domestic robot industry is the lack of technology of core components, coupled with the dominance of foreign high-end robot enterprises in the entire core device market. The production cost of domestic robots is high, and it is difficult to maintain large funds for independent research and development.

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