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PCB copy process

PCB copy process

PCB is a printed circuit board without components, and the printed circuit board with components is called PCBA, the following is the process of PCB board copy with components.

  scan the circuit board picture

  Note: Since there may be small SMD components under the large components, you can scan first and then remove the large ones and scan again.

  Remove the board

  Remove all the devices and remove the tin from the PAD holes. Clean the PCB with board washing water, and then put it into the scanner, the scanner scan according to the precision of the board to choose the appropriate pixel in order to get a clearer image, start OHTOSHOP, with a color way to scan into the screen printing surface, save the file and print it out for backup;

 Note: When disassembling the board, you should pay attention to the polarity and direction of the components.

Make BOM list

  Referring to the first step in the circuit board picture on paper to record the type of all components, parameters, and location, especially the diode, the direction of the three machine tube, the direction of the IC gap, etc., and finally make the BOM table;

grinding board

  Lightly polish the TOP LAYER and BOTTOM LAYER layers with water yarn paper, polish until the copper film is shiny, put in the scanner, start PHOTOSHOP, and sweep the two layers into the color way;

Adjust the contrast of the canvas, lightness and darkness, so that the part with copper film and the part without copper film contrast strongly, and then turn the sub-image to black and white, check whether the lines are clear, if not, then repeat this step. BMP and BOT.BMP. If you find any problems with the graphics, you can also use PHOTOSHOP to repair and correct them.

Start the PCB copy software Protel, in the file menu into the scanned PCB board pictures, the two BMP format files are converted into PROTEL format files, in PROTEL into the two layers, such as over the two layers of PAD and VIA position basically overlap, indicating that the first few steps to do a good job, if there are deviations, repeat step 4.

Convert the BMP of the TOP layer to TOP.PCB, pay attention to the SILK layer, then you trace the lines in the TOP layer is, and according to the second step of the drawing to place the device. After drawing, delete the SILK layer.

Convert the BMP of the BOT layer to BOT.PCB, the same as above is converted to SILK layer, then you trace the lines in the BOT layer is it. After drawing the SILK layer will be deleted.

PCB and BOT.PCB into PROTEL, combined into one figure is OK.

  10. Use a laser printer to print the TOP LAYER, BOTTOM LAYER, respectively, to transparent film (1:1 ratio), the film onto that PCB, compare whether there is a mistake, if not, a simple double panel is done!

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