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The next five-year scenario for the PCB copy board industry

The next five-year scenario for the PCB copy board industry

PCB copy board industry’s next five-year scenario, to assist doctors in decision-making is pcb copy board application of the recent opportunities. He believes that the doctor’s expert system and system is relatively knowledge and experience is more concentrated and clear in the field, “from the pcb copyboard itself, it is relatively easy to be able to reach the first level, to reach the average level that a doctor should be able to achieve.”

  RayMing Technology believes that pcb copy board cell phone using touch screen initially imitates the human touch on natural objects, “imitation of human touch is a very natural way of interaction”, the form of the phone, the ability to basically determine this point. The more natural way of interaction between people is voice and visual communication. Thus the value of voice occurs in more vertical, inconvenient to touch with the phone in the scene, such as the interactive operation of the driving process, copy board home control and other areas, the future will also have more and more applications. pcb copy board future applications include two perspectives of equipment and scenarios, new equipment voice interaction will be used more, many traditional scenes will also be towards the trend of increasing the use of voice interaction. With progress in data collection, algorithms and computing structures, voice will also have better recognition effects and more application scenarios in the future.

  RayMing technology on the basis of this viewpoint, pcb copy board “do not consider replacing people, but consider what people are still lacking”. He took the example of copy board out, pointing out that the goal of the future driverless is to find a solution to the problem of urban congestion by saving manpower and energy consumption, copy board planning travel, and so on, eventually. Just this goal, still to strengthen the automatic driving pcb copy board and deep learning technology accumulation, to enhance safety and intelligence as a prerequisite.

  About the next five years, RayMing Technology believes that pcb copyboard in the medical field will be used more than in the automotive field. He said, pcb copyboard assisted medical in the current has a more urgent practical needs, but also easier to achieve. With the aid of pcb copyboard decision making, “doctors can do tens of percent improvement in the degree of accuracy of medical image recognition, can retrieve medical literature to make better decisions and avoid the risk of diagnosis due to differences in the professional quality of doctors, this value is no less than the realization of self-driving technology.” And the current pcb copy board technology is not yet able to completely exclude the hidden dangers in self-driving, Tesla previous accidents are difficult to avoid, so RayMing Technology believes that in the next three to five years, copy board car autopilot is difficult to completely replace the human driver, only in a closed environment inside the realization of certain industrial applications.

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