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Circuit board copy board electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine

Circuit board copy board electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine

Shenzhen RayMing is the domestic first-class reverse technology research high-tech enterprises, over the years has been on 1000 thousand customers to provide high-quality PCB copy board and chip decryption services, if you need to similar electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile tester and other equipment and instruments for copy board, please quickly with the Shenzhen RayMing pcb copy board company to contact.

Electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine features:

  1. Mainly used for anchor chain, steel wire rope, cable, cable and other long, soft specimens for tensile force and tensile strength test, the whole machine by the horizontal host, the hydraulic source, the computer control acquisition and processing system is composed of. By the full digital controller, electro-hydraulic servo valve and computer control unit composed of closed-loop control system, can accurately control and measure the whole process of the test.
  2. The main machine consists of loading frame components, actuator, fixed/mobile beam components, specimen clamping system components, dynamic beam drive system components and protective net. According to the user test requirements equipped with special clamping system or special fixture.
  3. It has two control channels for load and displacement, and two corresponding control modes, which can be randomly switched between the control modes, and the PID intelligent parameters can be adjusted online.
  4. Anchor chain detection can be automatically transported, automatically clamped or loosened, automatically segmented continuous stretching.
  5. Adopting stepless speed regulation, it can realize equal rate load and displacement control and constant load and displacement control.
  6. All operations are completed by the mouse and keyboard, the precision of equal-rate control is ±1% (set value), the precision of the test force is 1 level, and the measuring range is 2-100%.
  7. The test software is programmed in Vc++ language and can work under various operating systems of Windows, with a powerful database and a variety of interfaces for the user to choose from to realize the local network communication, software upgrades can be transmitted through E-ail. Computer screen timely display test curve and characteristic point measurement, according to the need for timely printout.
  8. With overpressure, overload, oil temperature, emergency stops and other protective measures, equipped with brand-name computers and printers.
  9. Can also manufacture terminal and low-end products, namely, microcomputer screen display type and digital display type, the function of the situation, please see the introduction of the relevant test machine.

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