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Secondary development case of medium frequency inverter generator

Secondary development case of medium frequency inverter generator

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Main technical parameters:
  1. the rated power of the industrial frequency motor is not specified, but to ensure that the medium frequency generator can output the rated power;
  2. Medium frequency generator: 30KW, 50KW, 75KW, 100KW, 125KW, 200KW;
  3. industrial frequency motor: 50Hz;
  4. Medium frequency generator: 100-200Hz;
  5. Industrial frequency motor: 380V;
  6. Medium frequency generator: 0-800V;
  Number of phases:
  1. industrial frequency motor: 3 groups;
  2. Medium frequency generator: 3 phases;
  Motor connection:
  Industrial frequency motor: △;
  Medium frequency generator: star connection with neutral lead wire;
  Starting of industrial frequency motor: Y-△ starting;

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