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Shengquan MPC82G516A microcontroller decryption program matured

Shengquan MPC82G516A microcontroller decryption program matured

The MPC82G516A is a high-performance 1-T architecture 80C51 single-chip microcontroller with a CPU instruction execution time of 1 to 7 clock cycles (about 6 to 7 times that of the standard 8051) and an 8051-compatible instruction set. Therefore, at the same performance, the MPC82G516A can run at much lower speeds, thus greatly reducing power consumption.
RayMing Technology’s MPC82G516A MCU decryption program is mature and can complete MPC82G516A MCU decryption and other MPC Megawin chip decryption in a short time. If you have MPC82G516A MCU decryption and other shengquan Megawin chip decryption needs, please consult 0755-27389625.
MPC82G516A has 64K bytes of embedded flash code and data. Program the Flash memory in parallel mode or serial mode, in-system programming (ISP) and in-circuit programming (ICP) functions. It also provides In Application Programming (IAP) functionality. ISP and ICP allow users to download new code without having to remove the microcontroller from the actual final product; IAP means that the device can write non-volatile data to the Flash memory while the application program is running. No external high voltage is required for programming, thanks to its built-in charge pump circuitry.

Additional 8051 MCU standard features (such as 256 bytes of on-chip transient RAM, four 8-bit I/O ports, three timers/counters, full-duplex serial port, and a multi-source, 4-stage interrupt controller) and many system-level features have been incorporated into the MPC82G516A. The features are 1024 bytes of on-chip extended RAM (XRAM), an additional I/O port (P4), 10-bit ADC, PCA, and a new IAP. The MPC82G516A features a 10-bit ADC, PCA, SPI, secondary UART, keyboard interrupt, a watchdog timer, and more. These additional features are discrete components that greatly reduce board space and system cost and can also be carried out, making the MPC82G516A a powerful microcontroller for a wide range of applications.
The MPC82G516A has two power saving modes and an 8-bit system clock divider to reduce power consumption. In idle mode, the CPU is frozen while the peripheral modules and interrupt system remain operational.
In power-down mode the values of RAM and special function registers are saved and all other functions are disabled, and most importantly, the device in power-down mode can be woken up by external interrupts. Moreover, the user can further reduce power consumption by using an 8-bit system clock divider to slow down operation.
In addition, the MPC82G516A is equipped with AMICCOM’s proprietary On-Chip Debug (OCD) interface for In Circuit Emulator (ICE). The OCD interface provides non-intrusive debugging of the chip and system without any target resource consumption. Some features are necessary for ICE support, such as reset, run, stop, single-step, run-to-cursor and breakpoint settings. Users do not need to prepare any development board for firmware development process, or socket adapters in traditional ICE probes. All the user needs to do is to prepare a dedicated OCD interface with a 4-pin connector. This powerful feature makes development very easy for any user.

Characterization of the MPC82G516A:

  • General 8051 Features
  • 8051 Compatible Instruction Set
  • 256 Bytes Internal Scratch-pad RAM
  • 64K External Data Memory Space
  • Four 8-Bit Bidirectional I/O Ports
  • Three 16-Bit Timer/Counters
  • Full-duplex UART
  • 14 Interrupt Sources with 4 Priority Levels
  • Power Saving Modes: Idle Mode & Power-Down Mode
  • High Performance 1-T Architecture 80C51 CPU
  • On-chip 64K bytes Flash Program Memory
  • On-chip 1024 bytes eXpanded RAM (XRAM)
  • Additional Bit-addressable I/O Port, P4
  • Configurable I/O Port Type
  • Quasi-bidirectional Output
  • Open-drain Output
  • Input-only
  • Push-pull Output
  • Additional External Interrupts /INT2 & /INT3
  • Down-counting Capability in Timer2
  • Enhanced UART Functions
  • Framing Error Detection
  • Automatic Address Recognition
  • Secondary UART with Dedicated Baud Rate Generator
  • PCA (Programmable Counter Array) with 6 Modules
  • Capture Mode
  • 16-bit Software Timer Mode
  • High Speed Output Mode
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) Mode
  • SPI Interface (Master/Slave Mode)
  • 10-Bit ADC with 8 Multiplexed Analog Inputs
  • Keypad Interrupt with 8 Inputs
  • Wake-up from Power-down Mode by an External Interrupt
  • Three Programmable Clock Outputs
  • One-time Enabled Watchdog Timer
  • Dual DPTR
  • Variable Access Timing of ‘MOVX’ Instruction for Slow External Data Memory
  • Configurable System Clock for Reduction of Power Consumption
  • Power Monitoring Functions: Brownout Detection & Power-on Flag
  • ISP (In-System Programming) & ICP (In-Circuit Programming) to Update Program Memory
  • IAP (In-Application Programming) Flash for Applications with Non-volatile Data
  • OCD (On-Chip Debug) Interface for ICE
  • Flash Endurance: 20,000 Erase/Write cycles
  • Operating Frequency: Up to 24MHz
  • Power Supply: 2.4V~3.6V (for 3.3V System), or 2.7V~5.5V (for 5V or Wide-Range System)
  • Industrial temperature range: -40 to +85 °C
  • Package types: PDIP40, PLCC44, PQFP44, LQFP48 and SSOP28

Based on the above analysis of MPC82G516A, we understand the functional characteristics of MPC82G516A. RayMing Technology has successfully broken through the decryption of MPC82G516A chip, exclusively obtaining the decryption solution of MPC82G516A microcontroller, and has successfully completed the decryption service of MPC82G516A microcontroller for many customers.

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